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Benefits of Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspections

Aerial drone inspections can provide significant benefits over more traditional methods. Safer, cost effective and time efficient solutions for many industries including Construction, Roofing, Insurance and Agricultural.


There are obviously risks with everything, but our missions are planned, risk assessed and mitigated, and insured. All work is done in compliance with our CAA authorised operations manual.

Cost effective

We normally work on a day rate or half day rate basis and the cost of pilot and any additional labour required usually works out significantly cheaper than alternative ways of getting the aerial ‘intel’.

Time efficient

We can usually mobilise and get the job done in a short and effective timeframe. Sometimes permissions need to be sought from Airports, Landowners etc which can delay the process. The flights are weather dependant also.

Due to the nature of our operations we can be flexible and cover much larger areas much more quickly than traditional methods. The drone solution can effectively cover many roofs or areas in a much reduced time compared to a man and a ladder scenario.

The equipment we use can provide up to 20MP stills and/or 4K videos to give accurate, detailed views to identify faults, issues or problems, or can provide a ‘post job’ verification that the work has been completed properly.

The drone solution also provides a process that is Environmentally friendly. One vehicle and drone against alternative solutions where access may involve multiple parties, off road vehicles and equipment.

To find out more about how we could help you :

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