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In the beginning

After a light aircraft flight in 2020 we realised (even though at 2000 ft which is much higher than is typically allowed for drones) the advantages of pictures taken at height. It gave us a whole new perspective showing the advantages, benefits and beauty of images from above.

Cayopix Aerial Imaging was formed. Equipment was bought and training completed.

Our main drone equipment:

DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 which is small, light and versatile yet produces fantastic results. Small and light gives it the ability to get up close!

DJI Inspire 2

An amazing drone which can record video in 6K and take 20MP stills with a variety of interchangeable lenses.


We trained with Coptrz to gain the full CAA Operational Authorisation.

We now provide imaging services that can give that unique view from above that can enlighten or excite - whether its pictures of your event, party, house or location, or to get a view from height that might otherwise incur significant cost or risk.

Drones can sometimes be perceived as a problem and a menace but with the right training, maintaining compliance with rules, regulations and legislation the benefits are significant in terms of safety, cost, speed and efficiency.

To find out more about how we could help you :

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